Aviatrix Game

Aviatrix Game

Discover the incredible features and advantages of Aviatrix, and start winning big today! Experience an adventure like no other as you soar through a world of thrilling challenges. Play Aviatrix now to elevate your gaming experience - all while having fun!
  • Simple and easy to learn with a tutorial included in the game
  • Fun, thrilling way to spend your free time
  • Cashout feature for risk management and potential rewards
  • Demo version available for practice before playing for real money
  • Loss of money is possible if betting too much or not using risk management strategies properly

Aviatrix is a B2B iGaming Solution based on NFTs, incorporating Provably Fair technology to ensure a fair gaming experience. Players of the Crash game have the chance to earn rewards, such as NFTs, Crypto or Play-to-Earn tokens.

Aviatrix Casino

Aviatrix Casino

How to Play Aviatrix Game

If you’ve ever played an airplane crash game, then Aviatrix will be a breeze to master! Its design is straightforward and intuitive, meaning that in just moments from now, you’ll be soaring through the sky. To begin playing all it takes are these simple steps:

  • Visit your favorite casino, and launch the Aviatrix demo right away. After you make a deposit, you’ll be all set to start enjoying the game!
  • When you first launch the game, you’ll spot a list of categories on your right-hand side such as “Participants” to see other players, “My bets” for all your wager records, and finally most excitingly “Rewards”. Clicking the list icon next to Rewards will open up an array of options that include leaderboards info, marketplace details along with helpful how-to guides.
  • The “Build” setting on the left is an exclusive feature of Aviatrix paid version, and when activated it grants you access to a menu that allows for personalizing your plane’s look.
  • Now that you’re ready to start, pick your stake amount for the next round. The minimum bet is €1 and the maximum is €10 – simply hit the “place a bet” button after you’ve made your selection!
  • When you begin, you place a wager and watch it accumulate over time. You can choose to cash out early for modest gains or wait until later with the potential of larger rewards but higher risk – if you wait too long however, your plane may crash resulting in complete loss!
How to Play Aviatrix Game

How to Play Aviatrix Game


For every 1 euro (€) that you bet, you will earn one point. If a different currency is used, we’ll use the exchange rate to determine how many points to give for each wager. As an example: after making 100 bets at €0.10 (or 0.1 EUR or $0.10), 10 points will be yours!

New Level

Once you reach a higher level, you can customize your plane to make it look even more one-of-a-kind. Your chances of winning or which planes are available for betting on won’t change; the game will remain exactly how it was before!


The “Auto” switch allows you to effortlessly set your wagers, as they are automatically placed.


To cash out automatically, enter the preferred odds in the field beside your bet amount.

Leaderboard and Statistics

Whether you are vying to become the top player, challenging friends and family, or tracking your progress with our leaderboard feature – we have it all for you! Additionally, gain greater insight into your gaming style through our thorough analysis so that you can make any necessary adjustments.

Aviatrix Demo

Aviatrix provides a demo version that allows you to practice with an unlimited balance before risking real money. This is incredibly beneficial as it not only teaches you how to play, but also offers the chance to construct tactics or notice patterns that may help boost your likelihood of winning when playing for actual funds.

When playing the demo version of Aviatrix, you can get a taste of all the exciting features and mechanics that come with this thrilling game – without having to pay any real money! It’s like getting a free trial before committing to purchasing the full version, so you know what you’re investing in. Even though there aren’t any actual prizes available, it still provides an unforgettable gaming experience.

Aviatrix Demo

Aviatrix Demo

Aviatrix Strategy

Aviatrix is a game of skill, which means that the decisions you make can have an impact on your outcomes. With this in mind, it’s essential to have a solid strategy before setting out – and luckily, we’ve got just what you need!

The most common approach is to play conservatively at first and only risk more once you feel more comfortable and confident in your gameplay. Additionally, take advantage of the cashout feature if your plane is close to hitting a target or risk it all by waiting until the end for bigger potential rewards – there’s no wrong way!

Finally, our most vital advice: have fun! Aviatrix isn’t meant to be stressful but rather a fun and exciting way to spend your free time.

Aviatrix Game for iPhone, Android or PC

Supported mobile platforms include:

  • iOS
  • Android OS
  • Windows Phone OS

Whether you use a desktop, laptop or Linux machine, your device must be running Windows 7+, MacOS X 10.7+ or any supported Linux distribution in order to access our software applications.

Download Aviatrix Game

Download Aviatrix Game


Aviatrix is a great way to have some fun and take on the challenge of betting with real money. With its intuitive mechanics, low risk approach, and visually appealing design – you will quickly be hooked! Give it a try today and make your way to becoming an Aviatrix master pilot in no time!


What is Aviatrix?

Aviatrix is a revolutionary B2B iGaming solution that utilizes NFTs and Provably Fair technology to redefine the industry.

Is there a tutorial available?

Yes, when you first access the game there will be a tutorial explaining how to play, as well as tips on how to make the most out of your strategies.

Is there a demo version available?

Yes, the demo version is a great way to practice and learn Aviatrix before playing for real money. You won't have any actual prizes but it's still a fun way to experience the game.

What platforms can I play Aviatrix on?

Aviatrix is available on most devices, including iOS, Android OS, Windows Phone OS and any supported Linux or MacOS X 10.7+ machine.

Are there any risks associated with playing Aviatrix?

As with any type of gambling, there is always a risk of losing money if you don't use proper risk management strategies. However, our advice is to play conservatively and only bet more once you have grown comfortable and confident in your gameplay. This can help reduce the potential for losses.

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